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Nick Hunn

Wi-Fi (802.11)

The success of Wi-Fi as a wireless internet access technology for PCs and PDAs has led to the widespread availability of access points (hot spots).  These are now being recognised as a low cost alternative to cellular technology for the growing M2M marketplace, particularly for static equipment within range of a Wi-Fi access point.

However, connecting machines to a Wi-Fi network can be a complex task.  Without a PC to provide a driver, protocol stack and application, the processing requirements within the machine need to be far more complex.  This is a poorly understood area, which frequently leads to expensive and over-complex designs.

WiFore can help guide M2M implementers through the complex issues of connecting machines to Wi-Fi access points and on to web applications.  With experience going back over 15 years in the 802.11 arena, and a wealth of knowledge in remote machine connectivity we can provide expert advice on the best route to short range M2M connectivity.

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